Essays in Love

Francine Prose in The New Republic
27 December 1993
In a smart and ironic first novel, Alain de Botton picks up the torch, so to speak, more or less where Stendhal left off.
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James Friel in Time Out
27 October 1993
A well-heeled young couple meet on a plane and instantly fall for each other. They make love on the first date and, over a space of time, their relationship thrives, falters and finishes almost as abruptly as it began. It’s a familiar tale but there is nothing predictable about De Botton’s explanation of how love enthrals us all. Read more

Gabriele Annan in The Spectator
30 October 1993
On a BA flight from Paris to London the narrator picks up Chloe who happens to be sitting in the next seat. He takes her out to dinner, they go bed together, fall in love and begin a serious affair. After a while Chloe loses interest. Read more

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